Picture books are all about the pictures. They enrapture a child’s attention, while delighting and bringing many a sparkle to his/her eyes.
When a child falls in love with a book, he/she will want to read it over and over again. As a child’s first books, picture books provide a gentle start to a life-long love of reading and literature.
Needless to say, the illustrations in the book are what keep the child hooked to it. They can be interactive, playful, and very effective learning tools that complement the text.

Our reviews focus on exactly this:

* Analyzing illustrations to judge how attractive and how closely related to the content they are, the learning opportunities they provide, the styles and colors used, and the story they spin on their own.

* Studying the story to evaluate the plot, the characterizations, the author’s imagination and quality of writing, and the learning and playing opportunities it provides for children

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