We offer an array of all-original, straight-from-the-heart stories that will amuse you, excite you, and make you laugh, cry, think, and feel, as well as a collection of folk tales that nanas from all over the world narrate to their grandkids. This is it! Get transported to foreign lands, mysterious people, talking animals and trees, or perhaps just to your own backyard. Sit back and let us enthrall you! Let us know how you felt by clicking on ‘Add a review’. Read on, use our general story telling tips and don’t forget to share the joy with your friends!
Suggested grade level: 4-5

Young Readers

Kids love short songs (they are busy bees with lots of discovering to do and have small attention spans), big shapes, and beautiful colors. Our poems and stories for kids combine all these elements into picture books and are bound to captivate even the most difficult-to-please toddler. Just the perfect dose of color and content, these are wonderful, fun learning experiences for the little ones. Check out our general story telling tips, add a comment and rate each story. And as always, don’t forget to share. Sharing is good!
Suggested grade level: 0-3

In an attempt to make our stories accessible to the visually challenged, we have generated Braille versions of some stories. You can download them here, take a print out, and create an embossment by either sticking dots of glue on the Braille dots or by pricking holes with a pin from the back side of the print out to create a raised pattern on the front for the reader to feel with his hands.