Welcome to TaleTrove!

May 22, 2013 / 0 Comment(s)
Welcome to TaleTrove!

Hey y’all,
We are super-excited to bring TaleTrove to you (Drum roll please!). TaleTrove offers:

-Lots of colorful stories in multiple formats accompanied by narration tips and extended activity suggestions for you to enjoy. A great resource for children, teachers, parents, and educators
-A list of children’s picture books to rate and review
-Coloring sheets to keep the busy bees occupied
-Children’s books-related event information
-Forums for schools, libraries, and educators to share their thoughts

There is also a special section for writers and illustrators to post their works for review and improvise based on audience feedback, and even collaborate on creating their next book.

We constantly strive to add more content on a regular basis. We are still ironing out some kinks in the alpha version of the site. So please bear with us as it gets better by the day.

Meanwhile, have fun exploring the site and using the resources, and let your friends know.

Until next time…

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