The poky little puppy

The poky little puppy

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Taletrove’s review:

I have to say that this book was a bit too long to hold my toddler’s attention. More text than pictures.
Probably better suited for older kids.

Spoiler alert.
The story is about five naughty pups and how they learn their lesson when they disobey orders.
The first two times, four of the pups are punished by their mom while the fifth, poky puppy escapes.
The third time however, the four pups make amends and are pardoned while the poky puppy that always comes
home late is caught and has to go without dinner.

When reading, I swap out the foods in the book with vegetables and fruits in the hope of making them sound

Illustrations are realistic but not very salient or colorful. The pups are cute and active, but this book was
not one that the kids wanted to read over and over.

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