Over in the ocean: in a coral reef

Over in the ocean: in a coral reef

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Taletrove’s review of ‘Over in the ocean: in a coral reef’ by Marianne Berkes; illustrated by Jeanette Canyon:
Stunning, amazing, detailed illustrations. Poetry in color, delight to the eye, ornamental. Ok, I’m officially out of adjectives!

Like the illustrator of this book said, the pictures are ‘sculptures’ too. They have the embossed effect that makes them look real and makes the reader want to touch and feel. The coral reef by itself is a colorful habitat and Jeanette Canyon the illustrator has fully tapped into this potential to make her pictures absolutely wonderful.

The poem about all the marine creatures is a learner’s delight. What better way to learn about these animals so they would ‘stick’ to your head?

Lots of learning opportunities. Check out the ‘Learning tools’ section for more activities to do with kids using this book.

Loved this book. A definite addition to my library.

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