Over in the Arctic: where the cold winds blow

Over in the Arctic: where the cold winds blow

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Taletrove’s review:

Creative use of paper to create the pictures. But when compared to the other ‘Over in the…’ series, the
illustrations pale (pun intended) in comparison. Nevertheless, a great book to ask young readers to spot hidden animals and teach their names. And even read up about their interesting adaptations.

The book ‘teaches in rhyme’ about Arctic creatures and has lots of learning activities. Being a ‘non-fiction’ book, the book is a fascinating introduction for young kids to animals from far-away (I have to admit, I learnt about many new animals too!).

I enjoyed the book and learnt quite a bit. But I have to say that I liked ‘Over in the Ocean’ and ‘Over in
the Jungle’ better, just because of their visual appeal.

Check out the ‘Learning tools’ section for more activities to do with kids using this book.

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