I’m a little teapot

I’m a little teapot

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Taletrove’s review:

Love, love, love this book.

The teapot and kids dream up way too much fun in exotic locations around the world.
I learnt that in a bull fight, the audience throw roses if the matador does really well-and our matador, the teapot has a full score against the bull. This illustration also has an interesting viewpoint.

Love the three-eyed alien that sees the teapot and the kids, eye to eye.

It is interesting how the salient teapot transforms itself into a matador, spaceship, pirate boat, and so on. Particularly interesting is the personification of the teapot and the use of it’s spout. It takes multiple forms and uses-sometimes as the spaceship’s exhaust, sometimes a trumpet.

There are so many little details carefully done.
The forest pages where the teapot hides and the kids find it and vice versa are awesome. The naughty monkeys, sluggish anaconda (or some huge snake), and the participants from teapot’s prior adventures make for a good ‘find me in the picture’ exercise. These help the kid learn the names of the many animals and also improve their observation and memory skills.

The last page is the best. There are kids from different cultures and there’s someone from each place they visited on this page.

Illustrations are sweet though I wish they were a bit brighter. The rhyme is addictive. The concept is cool.

Makes for great interactive reading with the child. Felt like I went on a mini world tour after reading the book.
Watch out! If the teapot in your kitchen is missing, you can make a few guesses on where it might be!

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