Halloween 1,2,3s

Halloween 1,2,3s

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Taletrove’s review:

Busy but interesting illustrations with many show-and-tell objects.
Definitely a great counting book. But its not just a counting book. The poem rhymes naturally, the scenes are so Halloweeny, minus the scariness that makes it suit well for kids. Even though the color choices are limited (its a Halloween book, Hello!) the illustrations make an impression. Different view points are used that make it interesting. Even the pages that show numbers are used very well by adding a Halloween element to it such as a shushing magician, a mummy paper-wrapping the number 3, vultures, and so on.

Really enjoyed this book. Learnt the poem by heart! A must-read at Halloween story telling.

Check out the ‘Learning tools’ section for more activities to do with kids using this book.

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