From Head to Toe

From Head to Toe

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Taletrove’s review:

My very first exposure to Eric Carle (I think). At first I thought the illustrations looked strange.
A few Eric Carle books later, I see how ‘free’ the illustrations are but still think they are very different.
Different good.

The book is so interactive that kids will love it. Each animal talks about its classic movements which can be easily enacted by a toddler.
When I read it to my child, I replace her name in the text.
“I’m a camel and I bend my knees, can you do it? xxx can do it.”
And she kneels on the ground and bends her knees. It’s super fun and extremely cute to watch your kid learn to shrug their shoulders or wiggle their hips.

Clumsily cool. Good read.

Check out the ‘Learning tools’ section for more activities to do with kids using this book.

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