Bear takes a trip

Bear takes a trip

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Taletrove’s review:

Bear takes a trip with his friend to the mountains and does fun activities. Another book my child and I love.

This book aims to teach kids how to read time and does so in an interesting way-each page has a clock showing the time that is also written down at the bottom right corner of the page. The illustrations are colorful and demand that you take a look at them.

As I read through the pages with my daughter, an excitement sparks inside me as if I were preparing for a trip to the mountains. As a child, when I read a book, I always imagined being in that place with the characters of the book around me. I can imagine how exicting it would be for a child to visualize a hot-air balloon or climbing a hill and
seeing a bird’s nest on the hike.

Lots of show and tell. I notice something different each time I read the book that make it interesting.

The illustrator of this book is the same as the illustrator of the Barefoot book, ‘Bear on a bike’. I noticed that the color patterns repeat. For example, the black and white stripes are used for the cat, the climbing rope, the railway track, the bee, roofs, etc. The bear’s possessions are reused-Bear’s red and white lifesaver ring that he takes on the trip is the same as the one he takes to the beach in the ‘Bear on a Bike’ book. This lends continuity and familiarity; the reader is able to associate with the bear more.

The careful attention to detail and scenes such as the cat waving the bear good bye, the bee going with the bears on the trip (it shows up on each page), seeing how the things the bear packed for the trip are used appropriately (climbing rope, swimsuit,etc.), and the huge raindrops are a delight.

Check out the ‘Learning tools’ section for more activities to do with kids using this book.

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