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Crow Kaua’s day had been super busy. It was Festival time, and that was a guarantee for plenty of food. But scavenging wasn’t easy; it was a full-time job, you know! So, after feeding himself and collecting enough food for his family, Kaua began the flight back home to his nest. But, he was really thirsty from all the crowing he had to do to keep other birds away.

Kaa Kaa Kaa, Kaa Kaa Kaa

Kaua’s throat was parched. Try as he might, he couldn’t spot a single drop of water to drink.

“Strange people,” he thought. “They set out food every day for us crows but forget the water. Where is a crow to find water in this hot summer sun, when all the lakes have dried up and turned into cricket playgrounds?”

Kaua’s wings were growing tired.

The heat and exhaustion were creating illusions in his head. He gleefully thought he saw a puddle in the distance, but close up, he sadly realized it was merely a mirage.

Gliding on, he saw an earthen pot in the middle of a garden.

“Please let there be water in it,” Kaua prayed. He swooped down and perched on the pot’s edge, eager for a sip of water.

But to his dismay, the water was not high enough for him to drink. “Some answer to my prayer,” Kaua mumbled in disappointment. “I am not a stork with a long beak,” Kaua screeched. “I AM A CROW!”

“Ok,” Kaua grumbled, “Complaining isn’t going to help. Think, think!” He started looking around and found some small pebbles lying on the ground.

Suddenly, he was struck with a brilliant idea. He smiled in delight and said, “Whoa! Am I smart or what?”

One by one he started putting the pebbles into the pot, and the water level rose. Kaua happily drank the water and quenched his thirst.

“Thank heavens I paid attention in my science class! Who ever thought that would be useful?” Kaua chuckled as he flew off merrily.
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